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20 Minutes! That is the average time an European worker travels to work every morning. 20 Minutes of rare idleness! 20 Minutes for an opera!

20 Minutes – The Podcast Opera is a hybrid opera project based on three different grounds: music, video and internet. The concept was to compose a piece of contemporary music that could reach the people without going throught the usual process (concert houses, CDs, etc.).

In short, it is an electroacoustic opera that lasts 20 minutes, can be downloaded (for free) and thus be experienced everywhere and not only in Opera Houses. Since opera has a visual dimension as well, I asked the video artist Mathieu Dagorn to make what can be considered as a video-staging of the opera. The challenge was to conceptualize a video that would not disturb the attention of the spectators toward the music and even helps him apprehending it.

20 Minutes – The Podcast Opera can be downloaded and performed live as a video or as an Acousmatic Music piece. The project has been supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Justin Lepany

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